Having trouble keeping up with grades at school or understanding particular topics? You should always ask questions in class, and meet with your instructor if you're having difficulty understanding concepts. Also, forming study groups with classmates is also helpful. Designate a time and day to meet a few times a week to do homework and study together.


There are also many additional resources to help you.

Khan Academy: khanacademy.org

A free resource, with videos and tools to help you learn in a variety of subjects.

Aleks: Aleks.com

An intelligent or cognitive tutoring system that tutors you on a variety of disciplines. Has been researched for over a decade, and has shown to be as effective as a human tutor if not better in certain cases.

Wyzant: Wyzant.com

Find a private tutor in your local area.

Coursera: Coursera.org

Free courses taught by some of the top professors at prestigious universities.

Free Rice: freerice.com

Upgrade your vocabulary while donating free rice to those in need.