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Should you waive your right to see your recommendations? When including your recommenders information in your application you may be asked if you would like to waive your right to view your recommender's letter. It is better to waive your right, because it allows the teacher to feel he/she may write about you candidly. It also gives the admissions committee confidence that the teacher has written an accurate and unbiased letter about the student. When you choose not to waive your right many colleges will not look at the letter in the same light. With that said, you do have the right to choose that option, but just keep in mind the benefits and consequences. You may find more information about this question and you decision here.

What to include in your recommendation letter request? When requesting recommendation letters make sure you let your teachers know several weeks before the deadline. Make sure you include in your e-mail request:a) the name of the school the recommendation is for, b) the deadline for the recommendation, and c) Either an e-mail address, or directions of how to submit it online. If it needs to be sent physically, you must give your teacher a pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelope. d) A copy of your resume. 

Try to submit recommendation letters, even if it is optional for an application. It will help boost your chances of acceptances, as well as scholarship opportunities.

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