What are the steps to Dual-Enroll? For HCC steps are found here. For PHSC, the steps are found here.

Where do I find the forms? Transcript Request forms and Dual Enrollment forms are found in the mailbox outside of the Guidance Counselor office and below under the "Forms" tab on this page.

What should I make sure of? When transcript request forms are filled out, make sure to fill out the due date and the correct mailing address of the dual-enrollment office on the form. The address may be found on their website.

Who do I submit them to? When Dual-Enrollment forms are completed, you may submit them to Sr. Hannan Danon (by hand, or in her mailbox outside). If the courses are approved, the forms will be returned to the student and it's the student's responsibility to mail, fax, or turn in the forms by hand to the applicable dual-enrollment office.