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Hoopfinesse Is Coming to UAF

Hoopfinesse Is Coming to UAF

Who is Hoopfinesse?

Muhammad Abdul-Aleem is a Muslim American Influencer with over 1 million followers on Tik Tok, Youtube and Instagram. "Hoopfinesse is a former NCAA Division I and professional basketball player who played pro-basketball overseas while studying Islam in countries all over the middle east." He combines his love for basketball with his love for Islam and teaches students the fundamentals of basketball and deen. 

Who can join?

Boys ages 7-18. You don't have to be a UAF student!

How can you join?

Register for this exclusive 3 day camp here:

When and where will the camp take place?

Friday, June 17th- Sunday, June 19th at the UAF Gymnasium. 

What time will the camp be?

Friday, June 17th: 6pm-9pm

Saturday, June 18th: 10am-1pm

Sunday, June 19th: 9am-1pm


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