Advanced Placement Calculus

Welcome to Advanced Placement Calculus!

Remember that by enrolling in this course, you are making a commitment to excellence in daily work.
Successful students in AP Calculus possess the following characteristics:

  • Daily review of new content material taught in class
  • Diligent completion of homework on a daily basis
  • Participation in study groups or working with a study buddy
  • Understanding concepts, not simply cramming details
  • Organizing notes and materials, grouping of similar concepts, discerning differences between
  • Concepts, and knowing and understanding major theorems and concepts
  • Asking questions in class and out of class before the next concept is introduced
  • Proficient in translating mathematical expressions into necessary and sufficient English justifications
  • Uses absences sparingly and wisely and does not slack off in the spring of the school year

Please print the AP Calculus Summer Assignment Packet. Problems in this packet are designed to help you review topics from previous mathematics courses that are important to your success in AP Calculus AB. DO ALL PROBLEMS WITHOUT A CALCULATOR. Show all work that leads you to each solution; attach additional paper if necessary. You may use your notes from previous mathematics courses to help you. You must do all work without help from another person. ALL work should be completed and ready to turn in by August 6, 2022. This packet will count as part of your first quarter grade. It is preferable if you complete this assignment during the first two weeks of August, so that the review concepts will be fresh in your mind for the first day of school. The entire packet requires approximately 4 hours (at the most) of your time.

Enjoy your Summer!