AP Human Geography Summer Assignment

AP Human Geography is not a traditional geography class. Instead of learning about the locations of physical and political features, this course focuses on the interactions between humans and their environment and between human populations.

As a prerequisite to the course, AP Human Geography students are expected to enter class with a basic understanding of the physical and political geography of the world - the locations of the continents and oceans, the arrangement of regions, and the locations of certain countries found within each of these regions.

To ensure students are adequately prepared for geographic requirements (which is most often included as part of a middle school geography course), students are tasked, as their summer assignment for AP Human Geography, with being able to identify the locations of a series of physical and political arrangements in our world.

Task: Students are to identify, review, study, and memorize the locations of these physical and political arrangements and be able to pass an assessment of their knowledge of these arrangements during the first week of class.

Tips: Students should download and complete the required identifications on the various maps. Students are also encouraged to utilize one of the online study tools for maps readily available online.

Assessment: Students are required to score at least a 70% on the assessment to meet the minimum standard. Each student MUST attain at least the minimum passing score of 70%. Students who score below a 70% will be required to retake the exam until the minimum standard is achieved.