Summer Assignment

AP Art History Summer Assignment for 2018-2019

AP Art History Summer Assignment is due on August 11, 2018. No exceptions will be made.

Your summer assignment for AP Art History will be to complete from cover to cover the “Wreck This Journal” book. This book is a collection of unconventional drawing prompts. Attached are some example pages of work others have done in their books. This book is available where all books are sold but you can also find it on amazon. Please make sure you get this exact copy and not another edition. There are different versions, but for constancy, we will be all be using this original version of Wreck this Journal.

Wreck This Journal

You may be asking yourself why in an Art History class you would be required to draw. Having an understanding of art and how it is made expands exponentially when you have experience making it. You are being graded on completion and effort. Do not leave pages blank. You will not get credit for this assignment if you do. Feel free to personalize this journal however you would like. Your name must be on the inside of the front cover.

We will be drawing during this year as well. There are 250 works that you will have to become familiar with over the course of this year and familiarity also comes with one on one time with these works.

I look forward to seeing what art history you create! Please start this as soon as possible.

 Email  with any questions!