Summer Reading

In order for our students to maintain the skills acquired during the year and encourage good reading habits, we have compiled a list of novels for summer reading (links below). Reading should be a pleasurable activity for us all, and we hope to ignite and fuel a passion for reading in all of our students. If your child does not have a public library card, please find your closest public library to get a FREE library card.

It is well documented that students who are good readers and enjoy reading a variety of materials score considerably higher on SAT/ACT exams, which can help them earn scholarship money for college. Most importantly, reading is a command from Allah (SWT). In fact, the first word revealed to our beloved Prophet Mohammed was “Iqra” which translates to “Read.”

Middle & High School Students (6 – 12 grade)

Students entering grades 6-12 are required to select at least one novel from the appropriate grade level list to read during the summer. Students will be required to complete a writing assignment based on their book at the beginning of the year. In addition, students will be granted extra credit in their English class for a maximum of three (3) Summer Reading worksheets. The worksheets, as well as the book lists and further information, can be found below. There are numerous options to choose from, we encourage students to select books that they are interested in and enjoy reading.

Elementary Students (KG – 5th grade)

Students entering grades KG-5th are strongly encouraged to read throughout the summer.  Whatever you decide to do this summer, keep a book nearby Insha’Allah. There are so many opportunities to read, like waiting at a doctor’s office, riding in the car, on the plane, rainy days, and in bed before drifting off to sleep. Reading is a good pastime and an entertaining way to learn. The reading log is available for you to print on the Elementary page linked below.

Click on the links below to access the reading selection lists.

High School

Middle School