All clothing must be Islamically appropriate, loose fitting, and modest for boys and girls. It is the responsibility of the parents/students to ensure that all clothing purchased meets these guidelines.

ELEMENTARY (PreK – 5th Grades)
REGULAR SCHOOL UNIFORM (3 days a week) Girls Short or Long Sleeve Mesh Navy Polo Dress *Plaid jumpers are no longer allowed* Navy blue or black pants (no leggings) P.E. UNIFORM (2 days a week) (PREK Does not need to purchase P.E. T-shirt…
REGULAR SCHOOL UNIFORM (3 days a week) Navy Polo shirt with UAF Logo (Purchased from Blue J Uniform) Khaki pants (without excessive pockets).    P.E. UNIFORM (2 days a week) (PREK Does not need to purchase P.E. T-shirts! P.E. T-sh…

SECONDARY (6 – 12th Grades)
  REGULAR SCHOOL UNIFORM  Navy blue closed front abaya* (Blue J Uniform, or East Essence Item #: AJ5005EE) OR Middle school girls have an option of: Navy blue Tunic w/ navy or black loose fitting pants (purchased from Blue J Uniform) * Tunics are n…

SHOES FOR ALL STUDENTS: Loafers/Flats or Athletic shoes (suitable for outdoor activities) closed toe, NO boots and may NOT exceed a maximum heel height of 1”. Socks must be worn and must cover entire foot.

OUTERWEAR FOR ALL STUDENTS: ONLY official uniform outerwear (purchased from Blue J Uniforms) OR solid black or navy open front outerwear is allowed.No other logos.



PE Uniforms & Secondary Girls Uniforms 
Phone: (424) 343 - 6000 , Email: 
  • Elementary boys and girls short and long sleeve PE shirts

  • Secondary boys short and long sleeve PE performance shirts

  • Secondary girls PE tunic

  • Secondary girls tunic abaya

  • Secondary girls long abaya

  • Zip-Up Hoodies for elementary and secondary students



Secondary Girls Uniforms & Hijabs

1. Click on “KIDS”

2. Click on ‘Find your school” under School Uniforms. 

3. Input Florida, then Tampa, and UAF will appear in the school drop down box.