Early Childhood

Cultivating Lifelong Learners

Welcome to the Early Childhood Division at the Universal Academy of Florida (UAF). Our Early Childhood program sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning by providing a nurturing and engaging environment for our youngest learners in PreK-1st Grades.

Foundations for Lifelong Learning

At UAF, we recognize the critical importance of early childhood education. It's during these formative years that children begin to build the foundations for future academic success and character development. Our Early Childhood program is designed to foster the holistic growth of your child, combining academic excellence with Islamic values.
It's during these formative years that children begin to build the foundations for future academic success and character development.

What Sets Our Early Childhood Program Apart

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  • Developmental Milestones

    We focus on meeting developmental milestones that are crucial at this stage. From language and literacy development to social and emotional growth, we provide a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Eligibility and Registration

    • Children must be 4 years old by September 1st of the academic year they are applying for.
    • Registration is conducted online/electronically only.
    • Parents/legal guardians must provide proof of age/date of birth and Florida residency.
    • Registration is completed through the Early Learning Coalition in the county where the child will attend the VPK program.
  • Experienced Educators

    Our teachers are trained in early childhood education and are passionate about creating a safe and supportive learning environment. They understand the unique needs of young children and work closely with each child to ensure their growth and development.
  • Islamic Values

    Our program is deeply rooted in Islamic principles. We instill in our young learners the values of faith, respect, and compassion, helping them grow as well-rounded individuals.
  • Key Learning Areas

    In our Early Childhood Division, children will explore key learning areas, including:
    • Language and Literacy: Building a strong foundation for reading, writing, and effective communication.
    • Mathematics: Developing early math skills through hands-on activities and interactive learning.
    • Science: Fostering curiosity and a love for exploration through age-appropriate science activities.
    • Social and Emotional Development: Nurturing social skills, emotional intelligence, and character development.
    • Islamic Studies: Introducing fundamental concepts of Islamic faith and practice in an age-appropriate and engaging manner.
  • Play-Based Learning

    We believe that children learn best through play. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to make learning fun, interactive, and meaningful. Through play, children explore, experiment, and develop essential skills.
  • VPK (Voluntary Pre-K)

    UAF proudly participates in the Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) program for children in K4. This full-day program, from 8:20 AM to 3:05 PM, offers a comprehensive early education experience that includes Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamic Studies. VPK is designed to prepare Florida's children for kindergarten, focusing on literacy skills, accountability, appropriate curricula, and qualified instructors.
Join us at UAF's Early Childhood as we embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and character building with your child. Together, we'll nurture the seeds of knowledge, faith, and curiosity that will shape their future.
Founded in 1992, UAF is a private Islamic school for boys and girls in Daycare to Grade 12. Combining academic excellence while promoting Islamic understand and practices. UAF aims to produce bright students who are conscious of Allah and who maintain Islamic character and high academic standards.