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UAF's Aftercare Program

Safe and positive on-site care for students who need to stay after school hours

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

We're excited to announce our Aftercare Program at UAF! The philosophy of the Aftercare Program is to provide a safe and positive on-site care for students who need to stay after school hours. Participating children will be given the opportunity to socialize, read and learn valuable social and scholastic skills in a safe and supervised environment.  Our staff will help your children with their studies and homework while giving kids time to be kids. 

Aftercare will take place daily in the Computer Lab in Building B.  Parents or authorized pick-ups are required to sign their child out daily. Parents must walk into the school building and sign the child out. IDs will be checked if the staff is not familiar with the adult. 

The aftercare program stresses the importance of homework and sets time aside every day for the children to complete their assignments. Staff members are available to supervise the homework and to assist the children with their work if needed.  However, a child who needs individual help with his or her homework must ask.  Children who do not wish to use homework time to complete their homework may use the time to read a book or choose from a variety of board/card games, drawing/ writing materials, books, manipulative (Legos), and other supplies.

Please submit one registration per student.

Weekly Program - $50/child
Parents must register and prepay on the website before the week starts. 

Daily / Half Day Programs - $10 to $45
Fees must be paid using the registration link on the same day

Late Pickup
A late fee of $1.00/minute will be charged after 4:45 pm

Call or email Syeda at

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