1st to 5th Grade

UAF takes a holistic approach to the education of each child, as our goal is to meet the needs of every student and bring out their individual best.

The core curriculum subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies are generally taught above grade level. Students learn to maximize their reading and writing skills and hone their mathematical and analytical abilities. Language arts as well as mathematics are based on the Houghton Mifflin program. It integrates cross-curricular activities while fulfilling the requirements of the Sunshine State Standards and Stanford-10 objectives.

Our strong science and social studies programs include many hands-on activities, research opportunities and lab assignments. When first grade is completed, UAF students are independent readers and writers. Students also benefit from regularly scheduled instruction in library, computers and physical education.

Formal teachings are offered each day in Qur’an, Islamic Studies and Arabic. Qur’an is taught according to individual student ability. The main focus is on proper recitation, memorization and basic understanding of vocabulary and meaning. In the Islamic Studies department, the “I love Islam” series is used. Students learn the basics of Islam, its history and stories of the Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. Arabic, like Qur'an, is also instructed based on individual student ability. Each class is divided into various levels: beginner to advanced. The series focuses on reading, writing, comprehension, conversation, spelling and grammar. Most students are able to read Arabic towards the end of first grade.

By the completion of fifth grade, our students understand the basics of pre-algebra and introductory geometry, can interpret the complexities of literature on a high level and are ready to enter UAF’s exceptional Middle School program.