6th to 8th Grade

The Academy strives to assist students during these important early teenage years. Special emphasis is given to 6th grade students as they adapt to a variety of subject teachers and classrooms. Our goal in Middle School is to provide children with an environment that allows them to develop both cognitively and socially. Focus is placed on developing the ability to think critically and use deductive reasoning, applying previously learned knowledge (both Islamic and worldly) and being confident in one's abilities. This transitional stage instills good study habits and skills which are expanded to include higher-order thinking and questioning across all subjects.

UAF’s 6th - 8th grade programs expose students to seven core subjects. Language arts, social studies, science, math, Qur'an, Islamic Studies and Arabic are studied throughout the week. The Middle School students also learn computer science and physical education.

Our faculty are consistently working together to create a rich curriculum that aids students in achieving their goals. The Academy aims to ensure that students reach their maximum potential. Teachers also focus on the development of learning and study skills preparing students for yet another transition into our rigorous high school program.