About Us

Hamdh Suid

Head of Upper Elementary

It is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the newly appointed Administrator of Upper Elementary of The Universal Academy of Florida. I am honored to be in this position, and I am very proud to be a part of such an amazing team of teachers, supportive staff, parents, and students.
I have spent much of my professional career working with elementary school students. I was a classroom teacher for 14 years, and the past year as UAF’s Head of Upper Elementary. I have obtained a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching from the University of South Florida in 2010, and have also completed another Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

It’s an exciting opportunity to give back to my UAF family that gave so much to me. My decision to become an administrator came from a strong desire to make a positive impact on an entire school community. As the Head of Upper Elementary, I will work diligently with our faculty and staff to carry out the vision and mission of teaching our students the principles and practices of Islam and to prepare them for academic success and good citizenship. I believe that as a school, we play a fundamental role in positioning students for future success. I am committed to working closely with teachers, parents, and community members to ensure our children achieve their full potential and are prepared for the next phase of their education career. I plan on maintaining and enhancing that line of communication with my elementary students in hopes of starting conversations that can positively alter the course of their time here at UAF. I truly believe that communication is the key to unlocking doors, minds, and these precious hearts which Allah SWT has entrusted me with. The Universal Academy of Florida has a long history of being a model of excellence school. I look forward to being a part of the UAF family for many years to come insha’Allah.
Founded in 1992, UAF is a private Islamic school for boys and girls in Daycare to Grade 12. Combining academic excellence while promoting Islamic understand and practices. UAF aims to produce bright students who are conscious of Allah and who maintain Islamic character and high academic standards.