About Us

Ezdehar Sultan

Head of Lower Elementary

My name is Ezdehar Sultan and I am the Head of Lower Elementary at the Universal Academy of Florida. It has been an honor working at UAF for the past 10 years as a teacher and administrator, Alhamdulillah. I received my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, with endorsements in Reading and ESOL, as well as a minor in psychology. In addition, I received my Masters Degree in Reading Education.
I have a very special love for working with young ones, and seeing and interacting with them daily makes me forget that I am working! It is in the lower elementary years where seeds are planted and the foundation is built for future success. My goal is always two fold: to provide a strong academic foundation, while creating an environment that promotes awareness of Allah (SWT). With the help of our amazing teachers, staff, and administration, whose dedication shines through daily, it is a pleasure serving the Muslim community through our family at UAF, Alhamdulillah!
Founded in 1992, UAF is a private Islamic school for boys and girls in Daycare to Grade 12. Combining academic excellence while promoting Islamic understand and practices. UAF aims to produce bright students who are conscious of Allah and who maintain Islamic character and high academic standards.